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Breeds of Horse

There are many breeds of horse, and for centuries on end horse breeders have selectively chosen the best specimens to fulfill a variety of important human needs. From the endurance of Arabian horses to the speed of the thoroughbred to the sturdiness of the pony, horses have been serving mankind for nearly as long as humans have existed. Here's more info about the major horse breeds:


  American Saddlebred   Morgan Horses
  Andalusian Horses   Mustangs
  Appaloosa Horses   Palomino Horses
  Arabian Horses   Ponies
  Friesian Horses   Passo Fino
  Gypsy Vanner Horses   Quarter Horses
  Miniature Horses   Shire Horses
  Missouri Fox Trotter   Thoroughbred Horses


A list of other horse breeds: American Cream, American Paint Horse, Anglo Arabian, Appendix, Arappaloosa, Ardennes, Azteca, Belgian, Boulonnais, Brandenburg, Camargue, Canadian, Carthusian, Cleveland Bay, Colonial Spanish, Colorado Ranger, Russian Don, Dutch Warmblood, Finnish, Fleuve, Fjord, Furioso, Groningen, Hackney, Icelandic, Irish Draught, Konik, Latvian, Lippizaner, Marwari, Messara, Morab, Murgese, Nez Perce horse, Oldenburg, percheron, Rocky Mountain, Salemo, Selle Francais, Tennessee walker, Tinker, Waler, Walkaloosa, Westphalian, Yili, ...


The height of horses is measured in hands:

1 hand = 4 inches = 10,16 cm


For nearly as long as humans have existed, all breeds of horses have been there by our side, pulling our plows and wagons, serving as brave mounts during time of war, or just providing companionship for all members of the family.


Whether your idea of the perfect horse is a black horse, a white horse, a brown horse or a spotted horse, there are horse breeds available for your taste. In addition, there are types of horses that are perfect for dressage, great at show jumping, or just perfect for hacking around on the trails. No matter which horse breeds you look at, there will be something at which they excel.


Part of the reason for the versatility of various breeds of horse is the result of genetics. For example, the strong hindquarters and compact nature of the Andalusian horse make it perfect for the world of dressage, and for many years the Portuguese have used the power of this strong white horse in their training and breeding programs.


Other types of horse, like the Friesian, are perfectly suited to pulling carriages, and in ages past they also served as the sturdy warhorses of knights as they rode into battle. These are just but two examples of the versatility of the many breeds of horse.


And then there is the Dala horse... a very special kind of breed.


There is no doubt that all breeds of horses have their own unique place in history, and that they have played an important role in virtually every kind of human progress. Many modern advances, from taming the earth through farming, to conquering the west, would have been impossible for humans without their equine companions. From the mustangs and appaloosas favored by the Indians, to the speedy and strong quarter horses ridden by the earliest cowboys, all these breeds of horse have helped make the human race what it is today.


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