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Horse Jumping

Horse jumping

Horse jumping contest

Horse jumping is one of the most exciting of all equine sports, and one of the few to enjoy the prestige of being an Olympic event. Jumping horses are among the most talented of all equine athletes, and horse rider must be an equally talented athlete in order to compete in the highest levels of the sport.


In all levels of the horse jumping world, there are many excellent horse trainers who know how to get the best out of both the jumping horses and the horse rider. For anyone wishing to compete in serious jumping competitions, finding a great horse trainer is just as important as finding a great horse.


In fact, good horse trainers can provide invaluable advice when choosing a proper mount. Not every horse will have the natural talent it takes to clear the highest horse jumps, and it is important that both horse and rider be in tune when competing at the highest levels.


Many times the top horse trainers will have a stable of horses for sale, and even if they do not, they are likely to know where the best jumping horses are to be found. Having the assistance of a professional can be a great help when entering the world of horse jumping.


It is important to remember that horse jumping is a very specialized sport, and not all horses and riders are suited for it. Just like the fast world of the horse and jockey, and the majestic world of reining horses, jumping horses have their own niche to fill in the equine world.


Show jumping, like dressage, is officially recognized as a Olympic sport, and horse riders and non-riders alike thrill to the excitement of this top level competition by horses and riders from around the world. Many of the most competitive and successful jumping horses are warmbloods of European heritage, as they possess both the height and legginess to make it over the tallest horse jumps and the bravery to go boldly to each jump.


While it is likely that jumping began out of necessity, as hunters followed game on horseback, today the world of jumping is purely for show. Except for the occasional fox hunt, horse jumping is done for competition, or purely for the fun of it.

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