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Horse trailers

For most horse owners, the question of transporting their equine companion will come up sooner or later, and horse trailers are the preferred means of transport for all kinds of horses. There are many kinds of horse trailer on the market, from the most basic and plain aluminum horse trailers that sell for a few thousand dollars, to high end horse trailers with living quarters that can cost more than most cars. Prices range from $5000 to $50,000.


Those shopping for horse trailers should carefully look at all the horse trailers for sale, both in the classified section of the local newspaper and on local lots. Many communities, especially those with lots of horses around, will have a specialty lot that sells nothing but horse trailers. In other, less equine oriented communities, horse trailers may be sold along with cars and trucks at the local new or used car lot.


When you are thinking about buying a horse trailer, here are some points to think about:


  How many horses do you want to transport?

  What is the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle? Add the weight of the horses to the weight of the trailer and see if your vehicle is capable of pulling this load.

  Double-axe or single-axe? To ensure an easy ride for your horses it's better to buy a double-axle trailer.

  What's the hitch type of the trailer? Check out the hitch type of the trailer and see if it's possible to mount it to your vehicle.


There are lots of things to look for in a horse trailer, but number one on the list is safety. When shopping for a used horse trailer, be sure to look at the condition of the floor, the doors and the ramp. If there are rubber mats on the floor of the trailer, be sure to lift them up and look underneath. If the floor has begun to deteriorate, look elsewhere. Replacing the floors of horse trailers is both time consuming and very expensive.


When buying a new horse trailer, it is important to strike the best deal possible. Horse trailers are serious investments, and even the most basic models can cost quite a lot of money. It is important to bargain with the dealer, just as you would if you were purchasing a car.


Of course not all horse owners will need to buy a trailer of there own. If you do not plan to show, and if you have plenty of riding trails nearby, you may be able to get away without purchasing a horse trailer. However, there is still the matter of brining your new horse home, and some sort of equine transport will be required.


If you are lucky enough to have a friend with horse transportation, getting the horse home is pretty easy. When shipping long distances, however, it may be necessary to use an equine shipping service. There are a number of excellent equine transport companies across the country, and the costs for shipping a horse coast to coast is often less than you would expect.


Most equine shipping companies work by scheduling a trip where they will be picking up and dropping off a large number of horses. This serves to maximize the profits of the equine transport company while still providing affordable services to their clients. Equine shipping with the United States is usually pretty straightforward, but international equine transport is of course more complicated, and more expensive.


Whether you use the services of a professional equine shipping company or a friend with a trailer, it is important to makes sure the transportation is safe, and that the horse is properly in place before setting off. Not all horses react to horse trailers the same way, and it may be necessary to provide reassurance to a skittish horse before you depart.

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