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The Joy of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable of all activities, and one of the few that requires the cooperation of both man and animal. Without a good horse under him, even the most experienced and accomplished rider may be unable to meet his goals, and without a great rider even the most talented horse may be unable to perform to his fullest potential.

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Here are some tips for beginning horseback riders:

  To begin with: take a safe ride, this means wearing a helmet, boots, look out for traffic, ... Read more about safety here: horse rider safety.

  Mounting the horse is best done on the left side. Use a mounting block to avoid that the saddle slips to one side.

  To start moving, cue the horse with your legs and push the seat forward. If this doesn't get your horse moving, use your heals.

  Don't pull the reins too hard, but only so that you feel a light connection with the bit. If you want to go left, pull the reins to the left, to go right pull the reins to the right.

  Relax your body and try to follow your horse's movements.

  Balance yourself by using the pressure of your feet in the stirrups. Grab the horn for additional balance.

  To stop moving, pull the reins backwards.

  Always stay relaxed, you can get a lot more done from a horse by being friendly and showing your appreciation then by getting angry and frustrated.


Each type of riding has its own unique horseback riding apparel, and for those who plan to show their horses getting the proper riding gear is an essential preparation. From the right kind of saddle to the right pair of breeches, it is important to carefully read the rules of the class you wish to enter, and make sure that you have the proper horseback riding equipment.


No piece of horseback riding apparel, however, is as important as a good, Pony Club approved helmet. No rider should ever mount up without having first donned his or her helmet, and it is of course important to choose a helmet that fits properly.


Good horseback riding begins, of course, with horseback riding lessons, and no rider should even considering buying a horse before having taken many lessons. The horseback riding lessons should cover the basic elements of proper horse care, basic things like how to saddle a horse properly and of course how to handle emergency situations. There is mush more to horseback riding than just sitting on the horse, and it is important that each rider feels confident in his or her abilities.


There are of course many ways to enjoy riding a horse without owning one, and the horseback riding camp is one of the greatest ways to spend a vacation in the great outdoors. Whether you choose to vacation on a working ranch or just ride in the mountains, a horseback riding vacation can be a real pleasure for the new and experienced rider alike.


There are many reasons why horses are such beloved animals, and why riding is such a popular sport. The sport of horseback riding is one of the most intense, and enjoyable ways to spend one’s time.

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