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Tips for Mare Owners

Mare and foal

Mare and foal

The mare is the preferred horse of many riders, and many riders and horse owners find mares to be both gentle and easy to work with. From thoroughbred mares to Arabian mares, there are many wonderful horses to choose from.


Quite a few horse owners have come to have a gender preference when choosing horses for pleasure riding or for the show ring. In most cases this gender preference is the result of many years of experience around horses, and any experienced horseman will tell you that mares and geldings can be quite different in their personalities.


Many people find that mares are less stubborn by nature than geldings, and while this is by no means universal, quite a few experienced horsemen swear by that distinction. Of course, the mare is often difficult to work with when she is in heat, and she can sometimes be a bit unpredictable during that time. It is important for every horse owner to assess the personality of any horse they are considering to make sure the horse is a good match.


Of course one of the chief advantages of the mare is her ability to become a mare giving birth. A mare and foal can be much more valuable than either a mare alone or a gelding, and many horse owners will buy a mare with an eye toward mare mating and foal production.


It is of course very important to care for pregnant mares properly. The mare foaling will need lots of extra care, and plenty of extra vitamins, in order to get the strength she needs to give birth to and raise her foal. The care the pregnant mare receives will have a direct impact on the ultimate health of the mare and foal, and the mare giving birth while she is weak will have a weak foal who is unlikely to survive.


While wild horses seem to be able to take care of the mare and foal thing entirely on their own, modern riding horses are quite a different breed. What is right for a wild horse is in no way appropriate for a domesticated animal, as wild horses are as different from domestic ones as wolves are from dogs. It is essential that the mare receives plenty of prenatal care, including regular checkups throughout her pregnancy.


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